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CurieMD approached Worn to build a brand for an audience 
that’s long overdue for representation. We recognized that women in midlife are vibrant 
and essential — and our goal is to not let menopause symptoms get in the way of that.

Through extensive research, focus groups, and surveys the strategy team and I developed a thoughtful menopause brand that addresses not only the symptoms and solutions of menopause, but also how to live a vital midlife. I designed the logo, illustrations, and digital experience.

The founders of Willow hired Worn to help them build a thoughtful DTC e-commerce brand for women who struggle with incontinence. We saw this as an exciting opportunity to create a product, a brand, and a message for women who are vastly underserved. It’s no shock to anyone that our culture has a complicated relationship with “aging.” Until now, disposable underwear has been associated with shame for most women, so we are setting out to help anyone who is suffering with incontinence take back their confidence.

We wanted to capture the essence of an older, wiser audience. To do that, I worked to cast real people within our target demographic to model the underwear styles. Their poses are powerful, soft, feminine, and always embracing of their life stage.

CurieMD moodboard

To convey professionalism and sophistication, I used a serif typeface, with thick and thins that are elegant in nature. By weaving together the letters of CurieMD, we’ve visually represented the partnership and connection the brand provides. The color palette conveys the vitality that women have during midlife. The primary green emulates a sense of health and renewal, while the cream, tan, orange, and dusty pink add vibrancy and balance to the green. I designed a library of illustrations that were clean and dynamic.

For the primary packaging, I wanted to make sure there was a balance of credibility with modernity. The ample white space provides a medical feeling, while the pop of deep green in the caps make it feel more contemporary and designed.

I customized a handwritten logo to bring elegance and dignity to a category that’s often infantilizing, adding a lean to the word mark to convey the strength and adaptability behind the brand name.

I created illustrative icons to easily convey the Willow standards: affordable, discreet, convenient, and no commitment.

CurieMD logo
CurieMD color type
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For the web design, I worked with Worn's strategy team to develop a flow and content strategy based on research. We used focus groups and surveys to test layouts, color palettes, content flow, and copy. Because of the age group, I was particularly mindful of the text and button sizes.

Contrary to the existing aesthetics of the category, I took a discreet and fashion-forward approach, using colors not normally paired with incontinence underwear: sand, mauve, cobalt, and orange.

CurieMD web design
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ROLE - Art Direction, Concept, Logo, Branding, Packaging, Mobile-web design, UI, UX



ROLE - Art Direction, Concept, Logo, Branding, Packaging, Mobile-web design, UI, UX


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PHOTOGRAPHER - Kronus Studio


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